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Development Dialogue is a language of contemporary discourses on human development which aims to stimulate each entity of the society for a new history of humanity. It stands for communicating the problems that people face and hence is more value-based than other units of human life. Envisioned with better quality of human life it admires the imagination of ordinary citizens, their daily concerns and necessities and circulate these elements in policy articulation.

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Millennium Development Goals

When Millennium Development Goals were formulated, many people expected that the number of  hungry people will be halved  by 2015. Today this goal still remains a challenge as progress to end hunger has stopped in most regions. According to statistics, around 925 million people worldwide  suffer  from hunger. In Nepal the  undernourished population  is estimated to be 3,33 million. To make  matters worse, the prices of agricultural commodities such as wheat or corn has been constantly rising making difficult for the poorest people to feed themselves.  For example, global  prices for  corn and wheat have increased by as much as 50% since June, 2012.

High food prices is a  huge problem for developing  countries that have  to import food to support their growing populations. There are many families which   spend 60-80 percent of their income on food. In these situations, higher prices can  hit very  hard. Families  have to cut the number of meals they have a day and spend less on schooling and medicine. The G20 group of nations are planning to hold a meeting to formulate  a  response to the rising food prices in September. But are  world leaders  capable of finding  a long-lasting  solution?


Dev Dialouge said...

high food prices

Maggi said...

Solutions need to be given by the bread winners. Not by some self-serving politicians.

I counsel the replacement of white rice with the more nutritious unpolished rice. Our people must allow themselves to fall in love with finger millets, once again !

Such measures will address the concerns of mothers who worry about the quality of food as well as the fathers who fret about the mounting cost of providing nutrition.

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