Development Dialogue

Development Dialogue is a language of contemporary discourses on human development which aims to stimulate each entity of the society for a new history of humanity. It stands for communicating the problems that people face and hence is more value-based than other units of human life. Envisioned with better quality of human life it admires the imagination of ordinary citizens, their daily concerns and necessities and circulate these elements in policy articulation.

5:36 AM

August 19th, 2012 

The youth play a vital role in democratization and social transformation, regardless of origin or location. They offer fresh ideas and new perspectives on public affairs issues that their predecessors may be blindsided by. True, they lack the experience, but they have the advantage of not being jaded by life’s trials and errors. This new found vitality is what each state not only needs, but rather craves when faced by crisis or political gridlock. Involving them at a young age would help develop a sense of civic duty and also provide good practice and preparation for when its their turn to cast a vote in the political process. Who wouldn’t want a mature, politically and socially conscious pool of voters? 

Furthermore, youth involvement in public affairs would develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills; it would provide a better understanding on how politics, social issues and economics are forever intertwined and linked with the history of a certain nation.

Mind you, young minds are fairly impressionable. It is critical for one to take initiative and attempt to expose oneself to different points of views and schools of thought. The importance of education can never be stressed enough. It is the key ingredient to successful nation-building. Good education results in well-rounded individuals who are capable of developing a framework or plan of action under which a nation could rise to its feet again. 



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